Examples of our missions

Purchasing Event & Training

Creation and running of a Purchase seminar

As part of an improved relationship between the company’s teams, the Group’s Purchasing department decided to entrust AgileBuyer with:

  • Seminar’s conduction
  • The organization of the seminar
  • Its animation
  • The objective of this seminar is to ensure that buyers in the group get to know each other.

In order to carry out this seminar, AgileBuyer used rugby to further the purpose of the seminar. To ensure that this would be a success, AgileBuyer has undertaken several actions such as:

  • Organization and running of the seminar
  • Distribution of shirts in the colors of the group
  • Distribution of roles Invitation of a CRN
  • Executive Workshops
  • Parallelism between Shopping and Rugby
  • Transfers of knowledge
  • Creating Group dynamics
  • Taking a step back
  • Team Building
  • Creating team cohesion
  • Team Building
  • Connecting skills from rugby to management
  • Its expertise in the creation of purchase seminars
  • The establishment of dynamic and relevant workshops
  • Its ability to associate other universes with the field of Purchasing (sport, art, etc.)