AgileBuyer offers

AgileBuyer offers

Our Services

Purchasing team-mates

Purchasing team-mates

Transition Purchasing Management

Transition Purchasing Management

Strategic Purchasing Consulting

Strategic Purchasing Consulting

Purchasing Event & Training

Purchasing Event & Training

Who we are

About us

AgileBuyer is a consulting firm specialized in Operational Purchasing that efficiently meets its clients’ expectations with a range of purchasing “know-how and know-how-to-be”.

Founded in 2006, AgileBuyer provides quick responses to the needs of its clients through Purchasing Team-mates, Strategic Purchasing Consulting, Transition Purchasing Management and Purchasing Event & Training in direct purchasing, indirect purchasing and investments.

AgileBuyer, Conseil et Ressources Achat, Equipier, management de transition et Formation

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Establishment of the Company


Works with 85% of CAC 40 companies and 50% of SBF 120

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Our videos

Examples of our missions


Service Company - IT Purchase

IT services and software Purchasing


Transition Purchasing Management

Purchasing central management organization


Purchasing Event & Training

Creation and running of a Purchase seminar


Purchase for an Automotive Supplier

Purchase of spare parts for light and industrial vehicles


Purchase for an EPIC

Purchase of intellectual services


Purchase for a Banking Facility

Purchase of hardware, software and benefits


Technical Purchase

Direct Purchasing : mesuring instruments


Purchase for a Pharmacy/Cosmetics

Purchasing research & clinical/non-clinical development


Purchase of Transport

Purchase of road transport subcontracting


Energy Purchase

Purchasing project / Claim management, Service for installation of building site


Purchase of Marketing & Communication

Purchase of marketing elements: Design, POS, CRM, ...


Construction Purchasing

Intellectual services and construction purchasing


Purchase of Capex

CAPEX and construction works purchasing


Facility management Purchasing

Multi-technical maintenance, cleaning, safety, energy, ...


Purchase of Packaging

Purchasing packaging to launch a global cross-division AO

Join us

By joining AgileBuyer you join the top range of Operational Purchase consulting.

AgileBuyer missions are driven by curiosity, adaptability, personal commitment and autonomy. Ideal for those wishing to evolve in a dynamic environment with a hierarchy different from traditional companies and follower of the participative management, AgileBuyer is made for you.
AgileBuyer consultants work on missions ranging from 3 to 9 months which allow them to deal with various sectors and numerous purchase categories.


Human Resources policy

The strong development of AgileBuyer imposes an active and steady recruitment policy.

Recruitment, most popular profiles :

  • You are interested in further development of your operational skills
  • You are an excellent communicator and you appreciate challenging environments
  • You like the idea of ​​knowing different purchases environments
  • You are autonomous with a relational ease
  • Both Fluent French and English are appreciated
  • The mobility does not frighten you
  • Mobility is necessary in consulting

Unsolicited Application

J’accepte par la présente que la société AgileBuyer garde mes données personnelles concernant ma candidature dont l’utilisation sera uniquement pour les besoins de recrutement et conforme à la règlementation européenne sur les données en vigueur

3 steps of recruitment

Recruitment process
Prepare the interview
During the appointment
Pre-validation by the HR

At first your resume is analyzed by the HR.
The application is studied through the experiences, their durations and their contents.
Pre validation of profiles matching AgileBuyer needs.


During this interview, we will present the company with clear and precise information.
We will talk about AgileBuyer, its positioning and its will to evolve.
We will overview your experiences in order to determine the missions that are in accordance with your technical skills.
We want to know what you are passionate about.

Welcome to AgileBuyer!

Find out more about the mission for which you applied by consulting the « Examples of missions »
which will give you a general idea of ​​the level of skills required
Prepare and structure your speech.
Prepare figures and factual examples to illustrate your point.
Also consider reading the AgileBuyer annual study and the articles on the site.
You must have active listening
Think about taking notes
Ask questions
Adapt your speech to the recruiter's need

Be smiling and relaxed (it is always nicer).

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