Examples of our missions

Service Company - IT Purchase

IT services and software Purchasing

As part of a reorganization within the Purchasing department of a company, an AgileBuyer consultant integrated the Purchasing department of the Information Systems Department.

In connection with the IT Purchasing Manager, the consultant was responsible to:

  • Manage computer purchases (hardware, software, maintenance, etc.)
  • Manage the intellectual services, while treating the different projects.

In order to carry out this mission, the consultant undertook several actions such as:

  • Continuous improvement of purchasing processes
  • The construction, launching and follow-up of the calls for tender
  • Continuous search for savings leads
  • Conducting defense, negotiation, contracting
  • Reporting for ISD
  • Collaboration with the legal department
  • Renegotiating existing contracts to generate savings
  • And finally the securing of contracts.
  • Creation of a consultation file as well as functional specifications
  • Analysis grids
  • Establishment of Framework Contracts
  • Amendment to the framework contracts
  • Creating Global Purchase Orders
  • Reporting + automation of Reportin P2I
  • SharePoint (On-Call Monitoring, AO, Chrono, Purchase Orders)
  • Good practices Purchasing
  • Improved referral rate.

The experience of our teams in the modernization of the IS (digitization, Cloud, SAAS)
Versatility of our team members (software, Hardware, Intellectual services)