Examples of our missions

Transition Purchasing Management

Establishment of the organization of the purchasing central management

As part of a reorganization within company’s purchasing department, an AgileBuyer transition manager created the Industrial Purchasing Department.

The manager’s mission was to:

  • Set up the organization, processes and tools of this new central management
  • Organize local purchases in 9 countries

In order to meet the client’s expectations, the AgileBuyer advisor has had to put in place several elements such as:

  • The purchasing strategy in line with the Group’s policy
  • Category management on industrial purchases
  • Organization, processes and tools

Once these elements were developed, the consultant was able to use his skills on other elements such as:

  • Increasing the massification of purchases at the group level, local delegation in certain cases
  • Establishing an operational direction for 100 buyers and suppliers
  • Dealing with supplier risks (mono-sources)
  • Generating expected earnings in the medium-term plan of the group
  • Processes formalized by 6 group purchasing directives
  • Organization finalized the same year
  • Training program to be delivered to buyers the next year
  • Purchasing information system in addition to SAP (spend analysis of the year, SRM for the coming year), supplier and solutions selected during the year
  • Its ability to handle urgent situations with strategic dimensions
  • Its involvement in the success of his clients’ projects
  • The experience and adaptability of its transition managers