Examples of our missions

Construction Purchasing

Intellectual services and construction purchasing

As part of the reorganization of the Purchasing Department, the consultant was responsible for:

  • Steering the entire cycle of the institution’s tenders
  • The administrative follow-up of the allocated contracts until their liquidation

Intellectual services and construction purchasing :

  • Consultations below Community thresholds
  • Dual-trigger consultations (subsequent contracts)
  • Tender documents elaboration
  • Implementation of optimized planning and contractual planning with the internal customer
  • Analysis of applications
  • Realization of administrative documents (strategy and award notes)
  • Management of consultations via ERP Purchase
  • Financial and technical-financial analysis of offers
  • Proposal for award, drafting and signing of contract
  • Its experience in purchasing works
  • Its expertise in the world of purchasing and in the analysis of his processes
  • TCO Approach
  • Its knowledge of public procurement (public procurement code)