Examples of our missions

Facility management Purchasing

Multi-technical maintenance, cleaning, safety, energy performance

Implementation of selected suppliers following a RFP done only on a few pilot sites:

  • Unknown offers
  • Resistance of certain sites

Luminaire replacement project (several thousand) by LEDs with supplier financing

  • Supplier selected in the non-competitive RFP with a little detail offer.
  • Accompaniment of sites and suppliers to achieve the best offer (technical and financial)
  • Sharing best practices
  • Competition of the selected suppliers during the RFP
  • Establishment of suppliers or alternatives in cases where the supplier selected during the RFP was not competitive
  • Projects underway at 4 sites with a clear improvement in lighting quality and estimated savings of 15% to 20% over 10 years
  • Its expertise in the world of purchasing and in the analysis of his processes
  • TCO Approach
  • Its knowledge of the market allows him to deal effectively with suppliers