Examples of our missions

Purchase for a Banking Facility

Purchase of hardware, software and intellectual benefits

As part of a renewal of a Datacenter Bank of France contract, the AgileBuyer consultant was responsible to:

  • Acquire the hardware, software and intellectual services necessary for the smooth operation of the Projects management.
  • Manage the process from the bids phase until the contract was set up
  • Bidding of offers
  • Selection of suppliers in short list
  • Highlight business volume to negotiate better prices or keep them on hardware and software maintenance
  • Validation of the analyzes and negotiations with the quality control department and conformity of the process Purchase
  • Proposal for allocation and transition to an investment committee
  • Implementation of the contract
  • Bidding of offers
  • Defenses
  • Talks
  • Allotment
  • Transfer to investment committee (instructions on the file)
  • Implementation of the contract
  • Follow-up of the old contract and the KPIs

The experience of our teams in the banking sector.
Its knowledge and watch of new regulations affecting the purchases of this sector (Law Eckert)
Its ability to deliver concrete, measurable results