Examples of our missions

Purchase for an EPIC

Purchase of intellectual services

As part of a peak of activity within the non-production purchasing department, an AgileBuyer consultant integrated the service to overcome this work overload.

The purchasing team-mate had the following mission:

  • Manage the process of purchasing the call for applications until the contracts are signed, in order to guarantee a successful procurement process and a cost control.

To bring to a successful conclusion this mission, the consultant undertook several actions. He had to:

  • Arrest procurement contracts (notice of advertisements and notice of markets)
  • Establish Management of the consultations on these families of purchases

Once these two stages were realized, it was then necessary to:

  • Initiate commercial and legal negotiations
  • As well as contractualizations

At the end of the mission, AgileBuyer implemented several actions that met the customer’s requirements:

  • Definition of needs with prescribers
  • Publication of notices
  • Analysis of supplier financial health
  • Creation of bargaining grids, criteria scoring grids and financial analysis grids (versus less saying)
  • Application
  • Rating defense allotment
  • Signing of contracts
  • Presentation Report
  • Its know-how Purchasing in this area (use of updated TJM grids)
  • Its ability to qualify the need and match it with the correct expertise, at the right cost
  • Its ability to deliver concrete, measurable results