Examples of our missions

Purchase of Marketing & Communication

Purchase of marketing elements: Design, POS, CRM, digital, market research, advertising production

As part of a gradual decline and a decentralized procurement structure, AgileBuyer consultants have joined the Marketing department.

The consultant’s mission was to:

  • Conduct an Audit of marketing expenses in order to propose ways of optimizing investments
  • Implement the identified solutions
  • Adaptation to the customer structure to demonstrate real added value Purchasing
  • Correction of malfunctions and sensitization of the prescribers on the need to respect the Procurement process
  • Daily coaching of the teams on the contractual stage and on the securing of assignments of rights
  • Negotiation and value analysis with existing partners to generate savings and optimize operating procedures
  • More than 7% savings in one year Implementation of supplier panels Implementation of templates (RFQ, ​​RFI, etc.)
  • Benchmarks on different purchasing families
  • Creation of communication media (lexicon, budget sizing, etc.)
  • Mapping Suppliers
  • Contractual revision
  • Monthly reporting to the Management Committee
  • Implementation of recurring needs packages
  • Its ability to adapt to customer needs
  • Its ability to be operational immediately
  • Its multi-client experience guarantees a decision-making perspective and allows to propose optimal decisions