Examples of our missions

Purchase of Transport

Purchase of road transport subcontracting

In the framework of an international call for tenders for the subcontracting of road transport, the crew member was asked to:

  • Manage and analyze the returns of the call for tenders
  • Produce analysis grids and operating procedures for buyers as well as the person in charge of the purchase coordination
  • Create Invitation to tender launched with more than 600 suppliers
  • Assist suppliers in integrating their offers into the “SynerTrade” tool
  • Analyze offers during the two rounds
  • Manage allocation of volumes
  • Daily follow-up of tender responses
  • Production of operating modes and quick cards to facilitate navigation in the “SynerTrade” tool and understanding of the analysis grids
  • Production of analytical grids
  • Master file (Bid analysis database)
  • Automatic assignment
  • Negotiation package for buyers
  • Budget and Savings Assessment File
  • Its knowledge of the transport and logistics market (actors incoterms, tools, …)
  • The autonomy and responsiveness of its consultants
  • Its ability to analyze a large amount of data in a short time
  • Its ability to manage and challenge a wide range of carriers