Examples of our missions

Purchase for an Automotive Supplier

Purchase of spare parts for light and industrial vehicles

As part of the deployment of the group’s strategy to improve the NLP, the purchasing crew member was asked to:

  • Reduce costs across its supplier portfolio
  • Ensure the greatest coverage Purchases
  • Perform contract management and review as well as commercial negotiation
  • Search for more competitive alternative sources

To answer at the request of the customer, the team member Purchase implemented several actions. He has first of all:

  • Worked on the definition of the need
  • Made a sourcing in particular during moto shows

Once these actions were carried out he was able to deepen his searches in particular there:

  • Finding sources of supply proposing remanufactures spare parts
  • Setting up a contract centralized with one of the suppliers of cold groups

At the end of the mission, the purchasing team member realized in association with the customer several elements such as:

  • Files(Cases) of consultation and Calls for tender
  • Short – lists of new suppliers
  • Analysis and negotiation of the offers
  • Implementation of FRG
  • Contractualization
  • Its experience in the automobile domain
  • Series / project
  • Approach TCO
  • Redesign to Cost
  • Its expertise in the world of purchases and in the analysis of its processes.
  • Its capacity to be supplied with concrete, visible and measurable results