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Purchasing Event & Training

When it comes to transforming, changing and progressing, customized trainings, purchasing seminars or supplier agreements make the difference.

Custom-made trainings

AgileBuyer proposes engineering of training as well as custom-made trainings.

We create the design of your training sessions:

  • The different concepts to be addressed
  • Training materials
  • Practical exercises

Following this, AgileBuyer delivers the training during the different sessions.


The purpose of these seminars is:

  • Taking a step back
  • Workshops
  • Creating Group Dynamics
  • Transfers of knowledge
  • Team Building
  • Preparing for Change

Suppliers meetings

In order to better work with your suppliers, to consolidate your relations with your strategic suppliers, AgileBuyer proposes to organize and animate your supplier agreements through several aspects such as:

  • Conducting suppliers meeting
  • Business input
  • Organizing your events
  • Managing your workshops
  • Promoting the company’s image among selected suppliers
  • Creating Custom Events