Examples of our missions

Purchase of Packaging

Purchasing packaging to launch a global cross-division AO

In a context of reorganization and rationalization, the packaging purchasing team needed a reinforcement to maintain the business and launch an AO global cross division.

The purpose of the consultant was to:

  • Manage the transition period
  • Participate in the consolidation of data to carry out the AO.

The mission carried out by the AgileBuyer consultant was developed through several elements such as:

  • The analysis of the two portfolios
  • Communication + Requirements for Internal Clients
  • Consolidation of data
  • The definition of strategy with the europe team
  • Communication with « call for tenders » providers
  • Policy alignment with internal clients
  • Kick-off meeting providers + negotiations
  • Ensuring communication during the transition period with suppliers
  • Maintaining the business during the transition period
  • Launch global AO
  • Target savings of 5% or 3M € on the Cartons section
  • Its knowledge of the market allows the consultant to deal effectively with suppliers
  • Its expertise in the field of packaging
  • Its expertise in the world of purchasing and in the analysis of its processes
  • Its methodology for delivering concrete, visible and measurable results