Examples of our missions

Energy Purchase

Purchasing project / Claim management, Service for installation of building site

As part of the project to manufacture and install emergency generators on some 20 French sites, the Purchasing team was in charge of purchasing and managing the supplier / claim management relationship for the following lots:

  • Supply air coolers
  • Air intake and exhaust
  • Fire Detection and Fire Protection
  • Installation services
  • Implementation of claims tracking and supplier exchange tools
  • Negotiating claims and optimizing possible operations on construction sites
  • Implementation of memoranda of understanding with suppliers
  • Weekly reporting of claims development by perimeters
  • Implementation of financial forecast
  • Validation of supplier invoices (direct payment process)
  • Monitoring tool and updates
  • Agreements and related orders
  • Financial forecasts for the different perimeters
  • Specific orders
  • Its expertise in the field of energy (Pipe, air cooling, INC)
  • Its expertise in the world of purchasing and in the analysis of its processes
  • Its ability to deliver concrete, measurable results