Examples of our missions

Purchase for a Pharmacy/Cosmetics

Purchasing research and clinical/non-clinical development

As part of the creation of the Purchasing R & D department, the purchasing team member was asked to ensure:

  • The largest coverage Purchases
  • To manage and review framework contracts
  • The commercial negotiation
  • The creation of Purchasing tool
  • The benchmark of non-clinical R & D activities.

To carry out this project, AgileBuyer negotiated premature terminations of a clinical program using three clinical studies.
This step allowed to launch several actions such as:

  • The setting up of the renewal of the framework contract with the monopoly supplier
  • The creation of a contract “Biometrics subcontractor”

AgileBuyer then worked on the negotiations:

  • T & C with suppliers without framework contract
  • New Clinical Trial
  • Sharing non-clinical activities into an AO
  • License purchasing
  • Economy of 2M € on a scoop of 20M € of purchase
  • Increase in RFA, limitation of tariff increases
  • Negotiation of the total cost (reduction of the daily rate by recalculating the productivity rate)
  • Improvement of the timelines
  • Its experience in the field of health and his knowledge of the specificities of this market
  • Its expertise in the world of purchasing and in the analysis of its processes.
  • Its ability to deliver concrete, measurable results