AgileBuyer team mates look for purchases with visible results.

We answer very quickly to our customer’s needs, using a wide range of know-how in Purchasing.

We provide Purchase team mates, strategic consulting in purchasing, coaching in production, off production and investments purchases.



domaines Looking for a purchasing expertise ?

We can provide you with a wide range of know-how and know how to be in Purchasing. We know how to put in front of you the good professionals.

We take in charge your important projects and our team mates work together with your purchase team.

We provide you with one or several purchase team mates with required experience.

Considering that Purchasing Department contributes to the company competitiveness, AgileBuyer contribution is beneficial to our customer’s entire company.

I need a purchase team-mate.

Strategic Consulting

Whenever a complex problem requires a purchase expert, our customers appreciate strategic advice from  AgileBuyer.

AgileBuyer develops the following methodologies :

  • Inventory of fixtures
  • Purchase Diagnosis
  • Optimization of Organisations
  • Purchase strategy
  • Sample group of suppliers
  • Approach of Low Cost Countries (LCC)
  • Sustainable development and Purchases
  • Suppliers partnerships
  • Purchase meeting organisation
  • Internal communication around Purchase

The operational coaching allows to put in performance a buyer without “hastening him”.

The operational coaching allows to put in performance a buyer without “hastening him”.

  • The coaching can be behind closed doors, semi-transparent or transparent
  • The coaching lasts 6 months and is articulated around:

– sessions scheduled in the customer’s workplace.

– sessions by phone on demand (help line).

  • The contribution of the coach :

– clarify with the customer his objectives.

– help the customer to discover by himself his solutions

– be a mirror

– point out the way to achieve success

  • The AgileBuyer coaching gives clear and measurable results.

The production purchases are in the heart of the company strategy.

These purchases are complex and require a close collaboration with technical advisors. AgileBuyer consultants have a strong technical background in addition to the know-how in Purchasing.

We intervene on various industries and in numerous kinds of purchases such as : Metal, Packaging, Electronic components, Food,…

A good agreement is an agreement which is implemented.

Efficient management cannot be reduced to “cost killing”. Considering that efficient Purchase management contributes to the company competitiveness, AgileBuyer contribution can be beneficial for the entire client’s company.

  • Marketing
  • Printings
  • Car rental
  • Software
  • Laptops


Project purchase


Situation: the allocation of a new market by a car manufacturer requires the creation of a project team with a specific know-how in project purchasing.

Solution and results :

The quick set up of an AgileBuyer consultant, specialized in project purchasing and automotive world. The customer environment is understood very quickly by AgileBuyer allowing keeping objectives in terms of schedule, cost, quality and innovation.

IT Purchase


A new IT project with huge financial stakes includes the development and the acquisition of strategic software. The customer does not have this skill internally. AgileBuyer has an expertise in computing Purchases.

Solution and results :

After a straight analysis of the schedule and the need specificities, the AgileBuyer consultant will step in for 6 months to bring his expertise, qualify the need of the functional user, formalize the call for tender, analyse the supplier market and create a competitive environment to obtain execution commitments of works adapted to the project.



The AgileBuyer consultant, rapidly operational, reviews all the existing agreements and elaborates retro schedules to set up a synergy within the group in association with the internal customers.

Solution and results :

The action plan consists in a data collection and an analysis of the purchase conditions in 6 weeks. The adaptation and addition of the purchase volumes last 6 months. By gaining flexibility, the AgileBuyer customer maximizes his purchase earnings and is more serene.

Technical Purchase


Further to the allocation of a new export agreement, the customer has to strengthen his purchase project expertise to hold his schedule. A specialist of this specific area, autonomous and operational at once, is essential for the equipments purchase of this project.

Solution and results :

The AgileBuyer consultant has a quick knowledge of the various actors as well as with the project’s stakes. He plans a precise schedule of his purchases and drives his most important files in order to respect timing and the customer strategy. He breathes dynamics in partnership with the research department to maximize the technical and commercial earnings.


An important technical and strategic project for the customer involves a quick mobilization of the project teams.

Solution and results :

An AgileBuyer consultant was sought to realize all the purchases (services, stationery, and works). The project purchaser will step in at the same time on the deployment of the infrastructure, as well as the realization and the deployment of the applications. AgileBuyer knew how to meet the needs of his customer by proposing a consultant who knows purchases in the public sector and technical issues.


Further to the absorption of several subsidiaries, the customer has to standardize and optimize his contracts with all providers notably in intellectual services, facility and safety.

Solution and results :

The AgileBuyer consultant, rapidly operational, reviews all the existing agreements and elaborates retro schedules to set up a synergy within the group in association with the internal customers. He negotiates and drafts contracts for the different types of purchase which are dedicated to him in order to massify the needs, but also by considering the specificities of each entity. Thanks to the expertise of the AgileBuyer consultant, the customer quickly maximized his earnings and reduced in a significant way the number of providers.

Achat projet


An autonomous and operational project team is needed for a new technical project

Solution and results :

Our customer wants to optimize his overheads costs.  With the help of an AgileBuyer Purchaser he successfully  managed  this project, as he benefited of the needed expertise on different subjects.

Achat projet


Instrumentation purchases need the help of a quickly available and experienced purchase team mate.

Solution and results :

The quick set up of the AgileBuyer consultant specialized in purchase linked to environment enables the customer to match the  schedule  and quality targets but also to cut costs.


By joining AgileBuyer you join the top range of Operational Purchase consulting.

AgileBuyer missions is driven by curiosity, adaptability, personal commitment and autonomy. Ideal for those wishing to forget the Hierarchical Culture of « old fashionned companies”.

AgileBuyer consultants work on missions ranging from 3 to 9 months which allow them to deal with various sectors and numerous purchase families.

  • BUYER ENGINEER Expert Consultant in Technical Purchase (September 15th 2015)

  • MEDIA PURCHASER Expert Consultant in Services Purchase (September 15th 2015)


Due to its strong development, AgileBuyer is involved in an active and steady recruitment policy.

Structure of the job : Consulting jobs

Recruitment, most popular profiles :

You are interested in operational skills, you are an excellent communicator and you appreciate challenging environments. You like the idea to move from a customer to another several times a year. You are autonomous with a relational ease. The mobility does not frighten you. English is appreciated.

Mobility : Necessary

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